Dr. Carole  Francis-Swayze

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I am currently training my beautiful 9-year-old P.R.E. stallion Soñador Moon with an eye towards FEI dressage and working equitation. He was started at Monty Roberts’ ranch in Solvang, CA as a tw0-year-old. Friend and stallion handler Joel Sheridan is currently assisting me with his training.


Competitive Horsebackrider Equitation, Pleasure, Dressage, Southern California, 1954-1965

Competed in saddle seat classes on my saddle bred mare Twilight at the Burbank Equestrian Center. Also competed in equitation and pleasure classes on my thoroughbred Nurseryland Blues at the Santa Barbara Equestrian Center. Competed in first and second level dressage on Fleet Captain at Pebble Beach, CA.

Competitive Horsebackrider in Endurance Racing, Northern California, 1987-1994

Competed in several 25, 30 and 50 mile endurance races in and around the San Jose/San Francisco Bay area on my Arabian horse C.F. Drumsong. Began his training for this effort by participating in several NATRC distance rides. During this period, I developed a system for conditioning and maintaining the long-distance race horse which included exercise, nutrition, and rest. Also during this time, I studied and became an advocate for the history and breeding of the Asil Arabian horse.

Competitive Horsebackrider in Dressage and Jumping, Southern California, 2004-2012

The major focus during this period was dressage which I consider to be the foundation for any equestrian sport. Dressage work was mainly conducted on my elegant Trakehner Huntington up through Prix St. Georges and  I1.  Also competed my Oldenburg mare Mahogany up through second level and my thoroughbred Spectacular Leap through third level approaching fourth. I started jumping in my late 60’s at Foxfield Riding Club in Thousand Oaks, where I had the opportunity to compete on some beloved horses in jumping. Also competed Leap in a speed jumping class at a private ranch in Santa Clarita, CA.


Licensed Court Reporter for the State of California, 2000-2003

Deposition reporting included the recordation of business, medical, and expert testimony. In addition to mastering the technology of machine shorthand reporting, this experience has given me skill in English, punctuation, grammar, and proofreading. Study for this work began in 1993 and continued up to 2000 at the Bryan College of Court Reporting in Los Angeles, CA.

Work in Administration, Teaching and Management Consultation at Various Companies and Schools, 1973-1987

Companies and schools worked for include Pan American World Airways; United States Navy; B.F. Goodrich; Packaging Corporation of America; Cleveland State University; St. Mary’s College, Moraga, Ohio; California State University, Northridge, CA; Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, CA.


Dressage training with German military equestrian Henry Stenke and Erich Bubbel, captain of the United States Equestrian team, 1954-1965

Three dressage clinics as participant and auditor with Hungarian author and judge, Charles DeKunffy, 1987-1994.

Dressage and jumping training with the following teachers and schools,, 1994-2017

  •         Canadian 3-day event rider Kevin Brutsche, 1995-2000, for dressage
  •         Colombian alternate Pan American Games rider Ricardo Amaya, 2003-2008, for dressage and some jumping
  •         Foxfield Riding Club, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2006-2008, for jumping. I had the opportunity to ride 20 different school horses during this experience. I brought a jumper home with us that was considered too dangerous for the children at Foxfield. I used Monty Roberts; methods with him to gentle him.
  •           Canadian David Johnston, 2008-2017 for dressage and jumping. Mr. Johnston was lead dressage instructor at Flintridge Riding Club in La Cañada, CA. Training was accomplished on Huntington, Mahogany, and Soñador for dressage, and Leap and Soñador for jumping.
  •           Certified event trainer Susan Friend de La Tournier of Lake View Terrace, CA, 2012, for jumping. I rode Susan’s school horse for this work.
  •           British certified trainer Kristine White of Aqua Dulce, CA for dressage work. Intermediare I on Huntington and 3rd level work on Leap.

Ongoing stallion handling coaching provided by horseman Joel Sheridan, Acton, CA 2015-present


Certificate in Basic Horsemanship, Monty Roberts International Learning Center, Solvang, CA, 2007.

Monty Roberts is the world’s leading authority on the non-violent training of horses using the equine language as a training premise. Course content included principles of join-up, long lining, leading, loading, equine diseases, conformation, breeding, nutrition, equine psychology, foaling management, stable management.  Final exam included demonstrating Monty’s principles with an untrained, unfamiliar 3-year-old colt. Took over the training of our grand-daughter’s stock horse using Monty’s methods as a precursor to finding him a good home.

Accredited Equine Appraiser #05312, American Society of Equine Appraisers, 2008.


Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. 1984. Major, Organizational Behavior

M.S. Georgetown University, Washington D.C. 1975, Major, Sociolinguistics

B.S. UCLA, 1969, Major, Linguistics


Endurance race wins and best condition. Wins were in all our 30- and 25-mile races. Also made top ten  in all four of our 50-mile races. Best condition was in one of our 50-mile races, beating out the regional champion.

Bronze and Silver Medals in dressage from the United States Dressage Federation.

Two Dressage Association of Southern California Championships on Huntington at 1st and 2nd level dressage

Two Merkel Insurance Dressage Championships on Huntington.

High Point in Dressage on Mahogany at the Burbank Equestrian Center along with Olympian Steffan Peters


Understanding Dressage; A Personal Perspective on Classical Theory, 2019


Understanding Dressage; Its Principles, 2019. This article discusses the importance of theory for every successful dressage rider.


Alois Podhajsky; Theory for Successful Dressage, 2019. This article describes dressage theory as set out by classicist Alois Podhajsky.


Alois Podhajsky; How Dressage Theory Goes Awry in Practice, 2019. This article describes how Podhajsky’s theory can be misapplied.


Alois Podhajsky; A Diagram of His Principles, 2019. This article builds a dressage training scale based on principles laid out by Alois Podhajsky 


How Can I Avoid Getting Sucked Into the Dressage Hype, 2020 This article talks about how easy it is for the dressage rider to be seduced by the win above all else.


The Dressage Training Scale; What’s Wrong With This Picture, 2020. Some problems with the modern training scale are discussed.


“Arabian Vision; the Role of Social Context in the Preservation of the Core Identity of the Bedouin Arabian Horse,” Documentation V, Asil Club, Hildesheim, Germany, October 2000

“The Balancing Act; How to Win First Place and Bring Your Horse Home in Best Condition,” Endurance News, April 10, 1992